Cat Sitting 

JMP Petsitting provide Cat Sitting in Maidenhead, Berkshire and surrounding towns and villages.

A cat by nature is a territorial animal. By allowing your cat the opportunity to stay in their own home whilst you are away on holiday, out on business or with other commitments, means that they stay in a safe zone.

By maintaining the normal routine, JMP Petsitting will ensure their wellbeing and help reduce any stress or anxiety they may feel whilst you are away.

With one or two daily visits, your cats will receive all the care and attention they need and will be fed, have fresh drinking water and litter trays will be cleaned and filled. If you leave out cat brushes and cat toys, we will play with your cat and brush them if required.

Telephone, text or email Joanne who will be happy to help you further with Pet Sitting Services and offer you a competitive quote and a free initial meeting.